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Published on 8 October 2021 at 10:55


Here at ROYALASH, we've been busy teaching students ways to be unique and thrive within their new journey. So one of the most common questions during our time spent together sharing new skills at training, was 'HOW DO I KNOW WHAT SUITS MY CLIENT?' 


The simple ANSWER is, by asking QUESTIONS. 


When it comes to finding out what is the best choice for your customer, you may hear some of them say that you have the free choice to do whatever you want or other times they choose stylings that might not be an excellent fit to their eyes shape and all this because of poor communication. That's when the CONSULTATION pops in. 


Booking a CONSULTATION will first and foremost build a trust bond between therapist and customer, but not only that. You can find out lots of details that will straight lead you to the best outcome because, let's face it. We don't JUST do lashes. We ARE artists that rebuild confidence, empower women and emphasise NATURAL BEAUTY.


So here are some essential questions you should follow up with your client at their consultation to assure you will deliver excellent service:



Knowing their past experiences will give you a plus from avoiding looks that your client may not like, such as very curly lashes or extremely long outer corners. Also, by doing this, you can find out if their previous set was comfortable or how long it lasted because it may mean that you need to work with more particular attention to assure excellent retention. So, ask them: When was the last time they had a set of lashes? Was everything ok? Did they find them comfortable?



Styling is the biggest key to achieve fantastic work. With the proper styling, your customer can look younger, correct imperfections, visually lift eyelids, and cover the effect of downturned corners and give a fresher appearance.
Inviting your customer for a consultation will save you some time at the primary appointment. It can also clarify if the look they are looking for is something you find achievable so that the result can last, and they feel comfortable at all times, and they're happy to wear.
You will find that many customers are coming for their appointments - skipping the consultation, and when they ask what they'd like, immediately hear CAT EYE - which is one of the most complicated stylings someone can wear, but the most easier to achieve. Wearing CAT EYE on someone who is not suitable can emphasise drooping eyelids and outer corners, a wide set of eyes can appear wider, make eyes smaller and tired, and the list can go on. As a professional, you have to avoid emphasising imperfections instead of contouring their natural beauty.



Why does this matter? Well, let's think! If someone gets a heavy set of lashes on a weak lash line and intending to refill them regularly, they will ultimately end up with no natural lashes or diminish their amount. That's why some customers want the fulness and glamour at the same time, and that's when issues appear. As a professional, you always have to ask if they intend to wear them regularly or just for a special occasion. Knowing this, you can then go a bit longer and fuller for a one time off event or go safer for day-to-day wear.

Andreea Ghigheci 



Okay, now that I've summed up the three most important topics to cover at a consultation, it is crucial to take notes and make sure you have things written down for when you encounter your customer to work your magic, with the best STYLING. And if you're still struggling with mapping and styling your clients eyes, as everyone is unique, JOIN my STYLE LIKE A PRO Mentoring session and be the best choice in your area, to know exactly how to offer each client something different - not just one style suits all kinda thing. 


Ah, and a little note, when you're focused on delivering an incredible consultation experience, you can sometimes forget about a minor yet essential detail - PATCH TEST


Patch test should be performed with a minimum of 24-48 hours before the appointment by applying a toothpick amount of adhesive behind the ear or just a few lashes on each eye in the outer corners to see any allergies.


I hope this topic helped you create a bond with your new customer and fully trust your expertise! We are looking forward to seeing some beautiful works. Tag us in your stories and posts on Facebook and Instagram and get featured on our page - use the hashtag #ROYALASHconsultation and @royalash.professional .


Any thoughts or topic ideas? Leave them down below in the comments for others to learn too. 

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a year ago

Amazing explanation! It is very true how important is the consultation is the main step in the process of creating something that will suit and correct what has to be corrected in order to enhance the beauty of the eyes!
Thanks Andreea!

a year ago

Such a clear explanation Andreea!! Communication is key! We all want what is going to help to enhance our features, if we don't communicate clearly at the consultation the overall look may not have the desired effect!!! Thanks for such an important post❤️