Andreea Ghigheci - Owner ROYALASH PRO.

Andreea Ghigheci is not only one of the leading trainers at London Lash Pro, but also one of the most reputable lash artist in Cork and unique LLP trainer in Ireland. Having performed over 20000 sets of eyelashes ranging from classics 1D to 6D in volume,


Andreea is well experienced and at the forefront of all the latest techniques in eyelash care.
Multiple award winner, international judge, speaker and host for international trainers.

Andreea has grown her career in less than 4 years, and now she’s sharing her secrets and knowledge with other lash artists and with those completely new in the industry.


                                                                                  My motto: Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.


My name is Sasha and I'm paediatric nurse with 6 years of experience. I've always been an active and curious person, trying to do always something new. 


I am a responsible and dedicated person who loves the beauty world, but above all - eyes are my speciality. 


Eyes are the most important part of our face which express the biggest amount of non-verbal communication, eye are where all the attention is captured.


My goal: To make your eyes stand out and emphasise your natural beauty.