ROYALASH Curved Tweezer

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ROYALASH Curved Tweezer


  • Classic / Volume tweezer
  • The most comfortable tweezer in the ROYALASH Professional Collection
  • Length of the boot 15 mm
  • The thickness of the tip makes the fanning technique from strip or pinching an absolute dream
  • They come in a plasma black finish and a beautiful double engrave with one helpful side to check the length of natural lashes before going ahead with the application for a healthy choice.
  • HANDMADE  - The sweet spot can vary from tweezers to tweezer, as they are created with love by our professionals. In general, it could be about 1-2 mm from the tip, but it can also be closer or further the middle of the tip.
  • Having an unbelievable soft grip, but with the right weight, Curved Tweezer will grab Classic lashes and up to 3 - 4 or 5D volume, and can also be used as an isolation tweezer if needed. Ideal for holding natural lash in place without sliding in between your tip, leading to possible accidents or discomfort for your client.


Note: All tweezers have been tested by Andreea, the ROYALASH Professional CEO, to ensure they passed the quality control.

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a year ago

Dear Sir,
We are manufacturers & Exporter of all EYELASH TWEEZERS If you are interested please give us a little chance. Our Price will be Reasonable. so please contact us.


Georgiana Anton
3 years ago

Love it. So light and precise. The rolling technique it’s seamless with the PRO tweezer, takes less than a split second. ❤️🤗 Thank you ROYALASH X

Chloe T.
3 years ago

OMG!! You can’t imagine how happy I was when I got the email that the curved tweezer is bank in stock. I know I was waiting for a while, but like omg, was so well worth it.
Highly recommend it!!

3 years ago

I've so many tweezers in my collection and this one is one of my favourite. It can be used for isolation, classic or volume techniques. Absolutely amazing tweezer!

Kelly L.
3 years ago

Sooo happy!! I have like a dozen tweezers, but the royalash curved one is so comfortable in your hand and what’s amazing about it is that is multifunctional.
Highly recommend this brand to anyone! 🥰
Thank you! X