ROYALASH Slim Boot 110• Tweezer

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ROYALASH Slim Boot 110 Volume


  • Volume tweezer
  • 110 degrease angle of the boot of the tweezer makes it easy to work perfectly on the strip technique, but not only. Tweezer has also been tested in pinching technique and i: as efficient as on the strip. It just works the way you want it to work.
  • Our CEO favourite tweezer.
  • Effortless squeeze for the best grip to pick up your fan. No more hand strain, no more achy wrist!
  • The boot's length is approximately  14mm, making it great to work in the inner or outer corners with ease—giving you the best angle to position your fan precisely parallel to the attachment.
  • These tweezers will create fans from 2-5D in 0.07 and up to 8D in 0.05 thickness.
  • They come in a plasma black finish and a beautiful double engrave with one helpful side to check the length of natural lashes before going ahead with the application for a healthy choice.
  • HANDMADE  - The sweet spot can vary from tweezers to tweezer, as they are created with love by our professionals. In general, it could be about 1-2 mm from the tip, but it can also be closer or further the middle of the tip.


Note: All tweezers have been tested by Andreea, the ROYALASH Professional CEO, to ensure they passed the quality control.

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2 years ago

Tweezers are brilliant!!! The grip is amazing and so easy to work with. Love them ❤