ROYALASH Thick Boot 90• Tweezer

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ROYALASH Thick boot 90 Volume


  • Volume / Mega-Volume tweezer
  • Unlike the Slimline tweezers, the thick tweezer had a shorter boot, which we found is excellent to create Mega-Volume fans in strip technique.
  • This tweezer will pick up fans up to 15D, and it’s also amazing for Kim K effect, for picking up closed spikes with ease.
  • Like our entire collection, Thick Boot 90 degrees tweezer is lightweight and has a soft grip to make your appointment enjoyable.
  • They come in a plasma black finish and a beautiful double engrave with one helpful side to check the length of natural lashes before going ahead with the application for a healthy choice.
  • HANDMADE  - The sweet spot can vary from tweezers to tweezer, as they are created with love by our professionals. In general, it could be about 1-2 mm from the tip, but it can also be closer or further the middle of the tip.


Note: All tweezers have been tested by Andreea, the ROYALASH Professional CEO, to ensure they passed the quality control.

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