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BrowXenna® has developed a unique formulation that restores and strengthens hairs, makes them denser, glossy and full.

BOTOX-X active ingredients penetrate the hair structure
accelerate the regeneration processes promote hair restoration after lamination, bleaching, frequent coloring with henna or dye.

Use BOTOX-X if your eyebrows and eyelashes are:

  • thin and weakened;
  • dry and brittle;
  • slow-growing;
  • not full enough.


  • noticeably increases thickness of the hairs;
  • makes eyebrows and eyelashes visually full;
  • promotes recovery, stimulates new hairs growth;
  • moisturizes and nourishes the hairs;
  • suitable for regular use;
  • has a cumulative effect.

How to use - for Eyebrows:

  1. Remove eyebrow makeup with any cleanser.
  2. Cleanse the skin with BrowXenna® Shampoo-foam for deep cleansing of eyebrows or BrowXenna® Enzyme Scrub.
  3. Spread 2-3 drops of BOTOX-X over the shape of the eyebrow and leave the composition under the film for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Then blot the excess with a dry cotton swab, if necessary.

How to use - for Eyelashes:

  1. Remove residue of tint from the lashes during the ROYALift lash lifting.
  2. Cleanse the hairs with Shampoo-foam for deep cleansing of eyelashes.
  3. Spread 1 drops of BOTOX-X over the natural lashes (half way length towards the tips of the hairs,  approx 3 mm away from the roots) at the last step of your ROYALift treatment and leave on composition for 4-5 minutes.
  4. Then blot the excess with a dry cotton swab, if necessary.

Before applying the product, test for sensitivity of the skin to the components of the product.

More detailed instructions in the package.