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Eye shapes and styling is some of the most essential and also tricky skills to master when it comes to lashing.
When we look at the many different clients that come through our salons,
we need to know that we cannot just have a “one style suits all” approach.
We are all so different, and our lashes and eyes need different styles to hide or bring forward some features. This is where the magic lies. In this course, you will learn the different eye shapes, how to style them and what to use to assure you are different from any lash technician in your area.
After reading and studying this course, this isn't where it stops. You will be required to put all the skills in practice to show off your gained knowledge.


Why choose this course compared to others:

To be the best, you need to learn from the best.

Andreea Ghigheci is not only one of the leading trainers at London Lash Pro, but also one of the most reputable lash artist in Cork and unique LLP trainer in Ireland. Having performed over 10000 sets of eyelashes ranging from classics 1D to 6D in volume, Andreea is well experienced and at the forefront of all the latest techniques in eyelash care. 

Unlike other training modules, ROYALASH Professional courses are driven to only produce the most highly skilled technicians. Learning doesn’t finish with the end of the course - to receive full accreditation from the ABT Ireland, students are expected to create a portfolio of practical work after completion of the course. They will also need to come back for a practical exam and theory test (where not possible, exam is online and practical part will be submited as a case study). This method ensures that technicians receive the support that they need as they begin to build their skills after completing the course. It takes time for a technician to become a master in their craft. ROYALASH PRO courses are catered to those who are committed and have a drive to succeed.


After completing the training/webinar YOU WILL RECEIVE:

  • ROYALASH Approved Certificate
  • 10% FOREVER STUDENT DISCOUNT for ANY products and training courses from ROYALASH Professional website.
  • 10% DISCOUNT to buy any London Lash products online which is valid for 1 purchase after the training (terms and conditions apply). 
  • 6 months support of your trainer.

* Please note that certificates are awarded upon the successful completion of your course.


Contents of the Course:

  • Introduction
  • About your trainer
  • Curls recap
  • Regular and special curls on the market
  • Eye & Brow shapes
  • Types of eye shapes & importance of the eyebrows
  • Eyelash styling
  • 7 most common eyestyings + 3 additional and 2 special.
  • Correction of the eyes
  • Corrective stylings & Position of the eyes
  • Client consultation, choose the right styling
  • Demos how to create ideal mapping
  • Mixing curls and lengths
  • Assignments
  • Quizes
  • Real examples
  • Q & A - Marketing and Business Tools 
  • ... and much more


A full payment of €35 should be paid up front for full access to the E-BOOK only. You can choose to add video-graphics for an extra €10.  All payments are non-refundable. 

PLEASE NOTE: Course are taught in English, if you feel that you may not be able to understand all of the content, please book a VIP course and bring a translator with you.

Courses/Webinars can be taught in English & Romanian. 


If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us:

t: +353 83 123 0261

whatsApp: +353 83 123 0261

insta: @andreea_royalashpro


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