Lifting that lasts for weeks when choosing the right silicone shields! 


With the new product component, our ROYALASH Professional SILICONE PRO shields are much more comfortable for your customer and easier to apply for any lash artist. 

Unlike the original transparent shileds, which were made from hard rubber, we now want to introduce you with the most flexile shields on the market. 

They will reach all the way to the inner corner and attach perfectly to any eye shape.

These easy to use silicone shields are perfect to use with a sterilizer.


PRO Tip: How to choose the correct silicone shield for your client?

  1. Check the lengh of a customers natural lashes 
  2. Pick one of the silicone shiled and place it close to the lash line
  3. With a tool, lift up the lashes on the silicone shiled, without using any adhesive 
  4. If lashes are longer than the fold of a silicone shield, you will then need to choose a size or two bigger. 
  5. Keep in mind, lashes should be lifted 60-80% up on the silicone shiled and not to reach the fold.

Keep all the right sizes on hand to accomodate all of your clients lashes! Shop our entire line today!